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Business Solutions

Effective management demands continuous improvement, especially in today’s business world, where change is constant. You may need unique expertise: that’s what we’re here for.
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Technology Integration

When facing a time-sensitive delivery, so much can depend on a seamless, up-to-date combination of software and hardware that responds directly to your team’s needs.
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Talent Management

We assist our clients from recruitment, to retention, to policy. We also assist their business units and recruiters in engaging resources, and readying the candidates for business and operations.
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Acosys Consulting Services Inc.

Acosys is an Aboriginal consulting firm with different ideas. We have expertise in business solutions, technology integration, and talent management.

We opened our doors in 2006, co-founded by David Acco and Julie Lepage. Their identities, their vision of social entrepreneurship, and their expertise in the fields of Information Technology and Human Resources made Acosys what it is.

Since then, our history of efficient delivery and satisfied clients has given us a solid foundation, on which we’ve built a reputation for creative and progressive solutions catering to nearly every major industry.

While we wish to be recognized on the strength of our expertise and consistent delivery, we are also proud to be an Aboriginal company.