Client Results

Be a leader in Aboriginal professional development.

Become a partner in the Acosys Aboriginal Internship Program (AIP).

A subsidized Aboriginal resource provides a low-risk path to greater workforce inclusiveness. This ignites your Aboriginal network growth, sets off an upward spiral of inclusion, and helps you meet reporting goals.

There are several additional reasons to consider taking on an Aboriginal intern:

• Education: Our education partners provide our interns with discounted coursework in business analysis, project management, and human resources.

• No hiring fees at the end of the internship if the Intern is moved from our payroll to yours.

• Acosys provides mentoring support to both the Intern and the Client Partner.

• We take responsibility for the quality of our Interns' work.

The commitment needed from the client partner is a project that gives strong industry experience, a stimulating work environment in which an Intern might sharpen his or her skills, and a desire to help others succeed.