Business Insights

Building bridges between private industry, Aboriginal communities, and government.

We act as the preferred liaison in enabling community, corporate, and government stakeholders to create vital and profitable relationships. This role is complemented by our Aboriginal Internship Program, which brings together government organizations, private sector partners, Aboriginal professionals, and even educational institutions, to act together as an incubator for Aboriginal talent.

Like many companies, we concentrate on offering expertise in our field, delivery that meets or exceeds client expectations, and building lasting business partnerships. Unlike many, we also have had an inclusion mission integrated into our business model.

Supply Chain Inclusion

Our business model centres on Aboriginal Inclusion and Capacity Building. We always maintain, at minimum, a 33% Aboriginal human resources component in project delivery. In other words, not only administrative assistants, but certified business analysts, recruiters, human resource professionals, project managers, programmers, subject matter experts, and so on. This is a self-imposed rule, aimed at developing Aboriginal talent in the professional world, then translated into community enhancement, self-sufficiency, and greater empowerment for Canadian Aboriginals.

Today, approximately 70% of Acosys’s workforce is Aboriginal, including full-time and part-time employees. This shatters the standards for Aboriginal business set by all governing and certifying organizations. Our clients often leverage our commitment to invigorate their own inclusion and corporate social responsibility programs and meet their reporting requirements.