Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community.

We’re a for-profit business, but we have a self-defined social mission centred on Aboriginal diversity and inclusion.

Our goal is to raise the visibility of Aboriginal professionals in the private sector, by providing meaningful professional opportunities in education and employment. And we actively pursue this mission every day, in several ways:

  1. Commitment to Aboriginal Inclusion internally. We maintain and exceed a self-imposed 33% Aboriginal human resources component in our company and in project delivery. Currently more than 70% of our team is Aboriginal.
  2. Aboriginal Talent Management services. We have assisted a number of customers in developing a full-cycle HR recruitment and integration strategy targeting Aboriginal professionals.
  3. An Innovative Aboriginal Internship Program (AIP). We provide our interns with project roles and mentorship to build the skills and experience they need in becoming in-demand professionals. Thus far we've had 12 success stories and a 100 per cent success rate.
  4. Giving back. We have delivered seminars and workshops to Aboriginal communities and organizations, as well as to corporate customers, free of charge. We place special focus on Aboriginal economic development, capacity building, and workforce inclusion.